RH Investments offers a variety of privileged ventures for investors of high net-worth to engage in. The three different levels of investing ensure the proper match of each contributor and their qualifications. 

Tier 1: Consists of investing funds and a net profit sharing. Investment amount is attained, property is purchased with 100% ownership of title remaining with the investor/client. The project is flipped within approximately 4-monthtime frame and the net profits are divided between client and RH Investments.

Tier 2: Consists of Trust of Deed Investor which is a fixed rate, 10-12% no risk, 60 or below LTV and has a 1-year term. This is a great opportunity to have steady monthly dividends. Safe, and secured, backed by 1st position lien only. We ensure that you will have 1st lien on title in your name, or your llc/corporate name.

Tier 3: Consists of purchasing Bulk REO’s from banks. We have extensive experience from buying properties and dealing with corporate banks. We have powerful relationships with various bank representatives which becomes key when leveraging for our investors. The current financial market has created a niche opportunity for us to purchase bulk buys from the bank at up to 30-40% below market value. We have the authority to purchase as small as 5 and onward to 100 bulk reo tapes.


Investors Wanted

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