With over 20 years of experience guiding us, RH Investment is a young, vibrant and competitive company looking to expand our portfolio. We are a firm that acquires distressed properties through diverse avenues such as foreclosures, short sales, auction house and trustee sales.Then we maximize property value through strategic development and sell effectively to produce a strong profit margin for high-end investors and clientele. Passion, expertise and experience are the qualities that drive our company.

We specialize in the bay area distressed real estate market . RH Investment is primarily focused on Santa Clara, San Francisco, Contra Costa, Alameda and San Joaquin counties. With an extensive knowledge in rehabbing distressed properties and acquiring them through various channels we are able to generate a high Return On investment for our clients. Recent closed and funded portfolio available upon request. Our Projects result in high yield with a high degree of security and collateral protection. We maintain a conservative loan-to-value ratio on every transaction not exceeded 60 %.

We would like you to take this opportunity while the market is still ideal for profitable and maximum ROI. We are looking at a 37-year low in prices and interest rates. Our competitive projects result in high yields with low risk to the investor. We urge you to get involved while the market is still ideal for profitable and maximum ROI.